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Upcoming Events & Happenings contents: Malaysia Wedding Bridal Fair • Wedding Expo • Mass Wedding & More.

KL Wedding Expo 2014
Venue : Mid Valley Convention Centre
Date : 03 ~ 05 January 2014


KL Wedding Expo 2014
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Date : 25 ~ 27 April 2014

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas 婚礼礼品

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Malaysia Wedding Songs 婚礼情歌

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Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas 浪漫的求婚计划

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欢囍 LoveWeddingZine is a Malaysia Wedding Digital Magazine & Malaysia wedding directory, gives you a whole new reading experience!

E-magazine “Digital Magazine”, also known as multimedia magazine. Retains the print magazine’s directory, using computer technology to create a page of realism, but gives you more than traditional journal impact, visually dynamic and layered, with background music, so readers sensory fully utilized. In addition, interspersed by dynamic flash, it can fully interact with readers, so that readers can click the mouse making it an interesting read.

Digital Magazine:
- Creative presentation of dynamic content. Readers can experience the fun of multimedia content and advertising.
- Convenient access and save easily, it can be stored in your laptop or computer.
- Unlimited wealth of features is good enough to record all experiences, so that knowledge is more extended.
- Since it is instant download and download takes only a few minutes allowing oversea friends and family to read it simultaneously.

Marriages and weddings and once in a lifetime event, when you plan your wedding, you need to take into account many of the issues; contents:
Wedding Accessories Baby & Parenthood Bridal House Wedding Biscuits Wedding Cake House Canopy   Caterer Cosmetics  Wedding Decorations Wedding Designer Gown Wedding Live Band, Entertainment & Mc Wedding Favours Feng Shui Finance   Fragrances   Furniture Wedding Gifts Wedding Gown Hair Care Health Care Hotels & Resorts Insurance   Wedding card Jewellery Lingerie Bridal Make-Up & Bridal Hair Do Bridal Nail Care Wedding Venue Wedding Photography Wedding Photo Album Pre Marriage course Property   Restaurants Registration Marriages Services Spa & Slimming Centre Skin Care Wedding Shoes   Soft Drink   Tailor   Honey Moon Wedding Videography Wedding Car Wedding Planners Wedding Suppliers Beer, Wine & Liquor

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