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KL Wedding Expo 2014
Venue : Mid Valley Convention Centre
Date : 03 ~ 05 January 2014


KL Wedding Expo 2014
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Date : 25 ~ 27 April 2014

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Amuseur Marketing

Saturday, January 1, 2011 @ 09:01 AM Author: lwadmin

服务范围 / Services : 魔术表演, Magician performance
营业时间 / Business Hours :
公司网站 / Web :
地址 / Add :
TPK Agency, Lot A6.04, 6th Floor, Plaza Sungai Mas, Batu 5 Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.
联系电话 / Contact :
016 336 4246
电邮 / Email :,
客服 MSN :
其它 / Others :



在宴会中穿插魔术表演,除了能为宴会增添光彩,还能为喜宴宾客带来欢乐,让现场洋溢着一片祥和、喜悦的气息!Amuseur Marketing专门承办大小喜宴的魔术表演,表演项目精彩绝伦、种类繁多、高潮迭起,势必让来宾赞不绝口、拍案叫绝。有口皆碑的表演必定能让主人家和来宾留下刻骨铭心的美好回忆,除了让大家带着愉快的心情返回家园,也使大家往后回味无穷。

你俩的婚礼,也是一场属于你俩爱情故事的魔术SHOW! Amusuer Marketing相信,每一段爱情、每一个婚礼都应该是独一无二的。所以, 在你俩婚礼上出现的魔术表演,也应该是你俩的专属魔术SHOW!


” Use magic to tell your love story to all your family members and friends “

Allow us the opportunity to introduce to you what we think will be a new wave in marketing /advertising for years to come: Amuseur Marketing. We are a “first” in Asia, and already we have worked with big names such as Sunway Lagoon, Menara KL, Life Publishing, British American Tobacco / G2, BNI, FTMS College, Goodnite mattress, UMobile, and many more. We have performed at fairs at Mid Valley and KLCC Convention Centre. We have also appeared on magazines such as Feminine and SME.

Our ability to pull crowds on behalf of our customers is unique and amazingly efficient. In a space of a few hours, our Amuseurs can pull up to two hundred (200) potential customers by entertaining them with custom-designed routines. Of course, this is with the assumption that (a) there is sufficient crowd and (b) the sales team is well equipped to handle the numbers!

The word “Amuseur” is French for “entertainer”. There is a reason for choosing a French word to represent our entertainers, for the core discipline and idea is adapted from French culture. The French have a long and deep history when it comes to entertainment such as illusions. They have created many original illusions which later spread to their American counterparts, who adopted and customized the illusions. Even the earliest American magicians admit that American magical ancestry has its roots in France.

When it comes to romantic entertainment, the French were really ahead of time. The concept of “Table Hopping”, the act of moving from table to table, cocktail to cocktail, to entertain people while they were enjoying their fine French cuisine, originated from France.

Because of the many disciplines required to be a competent Amuseur, QXA regularly trains it’s Amuseurs in many areas such as body language, mannerism and ethics, performance routines, secret techniques and other skills and knowledge relevant to the Amuseur circles.

Amuseurs and Amuseur Marketing / Advertising are products of the “Fantasy Village” project, a special project initiated from YTX1. The “Amuseur” incorporates the following qualities :-
Life performance - performances are done life and not pre-recorded or via electronic means.
Close-up - performances are done at close distance (few feet) from the audiences
Unique / Customized - each performance is uniquely customized to the message
Entertaining - excite interest in the audience to focus on the message
Targeted - has specific objectives to be met, such as gender, age-group, race etc.

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